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Dell Inspiron 14 7400 Review – 14.5 inch Display at 2560×1600 Resolution for $800 – YES PLEASE!!

Its finally here, a laptop with exactly what you’ve asked for. 14.5 inch display + resolution in between 1080 and 4k + 16 by 10 aspect ratio + small bezels + Intel …


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  1. Please test the 15" 4K TOUCH OLED 6 core 16gb 512gb RTX 2060 HP ENVY 15 at $1700
    To the..
    8 CORE CPU 8 core GPU 13" 2K NON TOUCH 16GB 512 SSD Macbook Pro 13 at $1700.
    I cannot find this comparison at all, both will make since as a great choice for many if your viewers.

  2. I’m looking to buy a new laptop to work from home. I was thinking the Inspiron 15 5000, i7 core, 12gb, 512 SSD, Win pro. Do you think that would be sufficient as far as screen size, performance and storage? Is there a big difference in the i7 core over the i5? Do employers usually require intel processors over ryzen? I don’t want to buy one that’ll be outdated in a year or not powerful enough or one that’d limit my options of jobs in which to apply. It’d be mostly for customer service/call center or data entry jobs. My budget is around $800, any suggestions or insight would be appreciated

  3. G'day Josh. New subscriber here. Have just ordered this laptop at the 40% off sale price, in I 7 mode, complete with 16GB ram, 1 TB SSD, and 2 GB dedicated graphics MX 350. Various retailers around Melbourne were amazed at the amount of laptop for the price and basically said you'd be mad not to snap it up at the price offered.

  4. Hey Josh I want to buy a laptop from Dell and it's obviously inspiron series could u please refer me the best budget laptop and good enough with good battery screen and upgradeable

  5. comin from one of your very new videos with new lighting….and only realising now, how much better your new studio lights setup is. ….still, very good vid. dell laptop not that impressive, tho. pity, I like the resolution plus display formfactor😃👍

  6. Australia has a configuration of this laptop with the i7, 1tb of storage, 16gbs of ram and a dedicated mx350 which i got on sale for about $1600 AUD (just over $1000 usd i believe). considering this review and the fact that i havent found anything better specs wise at this price range, i think it was a decent deal

  7. Hi Josh, thanks for your Quality content. What I would be really excited about from you would be a market overview and your opinion on current brands, their lineup/ comparison to other brands and the 2021 outlook for amd and intel cpus. Thanks and take care.


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