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Dell i3552 3240BLK 15 6 Inch HD Laptop Intel Pentium N3700 1 6GHz Product Review – NTR

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Dell i3552-3240BLK 15.6″ HD Laptop (Intel Pentium N3700 1.6GHz
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Dell i3552-3240BLK 15.6″ HD Laptop (Intel Pentium N3700 1.6GHz

The availability of high-end laptop computers in the market with extremely powerful processors and a bunch of imposing features means that many users end up overspending on machines that have capabilities far beyond what they require for their daily use. If you simply want your laptop for general purpose uses like internet browsing, video streaming, basic gaming and some regular work, you are well served by cheaper options. What you save by doing away with some unnecessary frills, you can spend on a machine that scores high on mobility and durability. Our product today is a laptop geared towards the no nonsense user, who wants great mobility with all the essentials.

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